Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Meet Judy Fischer

Judy Fischer is our fourth author in our series. She is the author of 
“He Fell from the Sky”.

I am an author, a teacher, a nana and a mother
With a thousand different stories to offer
Years of experiences under my belt
Love, sadness, loss and success.

The daughter of a man who married late in life
Who took a much younger woman, my mother as his wife
She married him for security and financial strength
I became the product of their bond, instead of wealth

A victim of civil war, I was robbed of my home
A daughter of a revolution, I lost my comfort zone
A refugee, an immigrant at a tender age
I sailed across the ocean, during a storm’s rage

I adopted a new country, swearing to its flag
With the clothes on our backs and only a single bag
A foreign language, a new city, displaced, ragged and poor
Thankful to Canada for opening her door.

A latch-key kid, I went to school, embracing my new life
My parents worked, they struggled, they toiled to provide
I had their love but their time I craved
Not really understanding the future they had paved

Education, example, love, devotion and travel
My parents had given it to me all
I am grateful for their guidance and sacrifice
Their efforts, patience and love did suffice

As a teenager, I travelled to all different lands
Finding the wonders of nature small and grand
And in every port, I left a piece of me
Giving my heart to young men willingly

As time went by, true love I found
And luckily, I was homeward bound
Destiny however soon upstaged my life
I did not become his partner in life

The teacher emerged, a new role to embrace
To educate, mould, to guide human race
Each young mind, my canvas and sponge to fill
My vocation, my obligation I was ready to fulfil

I met a man, someone I did not know well
He filled my emptiness and into his web I fell
To replace a love I missed so much, I relented, I committed
I promised to love him and so we wed

Two beautiful children blessed my world
However, for true love, my heart still yearned
After years of disappointment, heartache and grief
My marriage disintegrated, I turned another leaf

Life goes on and so did mine, with another man
Someone who gives me the freedom and is my biggest fan
I can now write the stories I have saved well
Those which developed and are ripe and ready to tell.

I write about love, I write about tolerance and peace
I believe in harmony, balance, equality and bliss
I see the beauty on this earth, the beauty in man’s soul
My stories blend and capture the essence of all of this.

My only fear I have today
Is that I cannot have enough time to say
All the thoughts about life I weave
Those words are the ones I want to leave.

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